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What is Web3

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Web3 is looking to reimagine the web we have today. Preventing abuse and data manipulation, the big change, users will have to pay for what they use if their data can't be monetised.

Web3 is a clean slate and an open framework

There's been a big change in the way that companies see their customers. They see the data and the metadata that is all around them as an opportunity to monetise and advertise.

Web3 sees a change to this mindset in a way that puts the user back in control of their data and in control. The regulations support this switch, the GDPR provides EU citizens the rights to challenge any organisation on how they are holding and using the data that defines them.

The next Web3 summit is in just a few days in Berlin, a place that is all too familiar with the challenge of segregation. 2018's event was an incredible meeting of minds and the next generation of the internet will be born.

Your device, your data is very important.

Just watch this, to realise just how big of a deal this is.

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